Parashosting - Partner Program
Parashosting Partner program is free to join for all. Once your partner code is assigned, we will provide you the sample banners and links including your tracking code. Add this code or url into your website or blog. So anyone who would happen to click from your link would be taken to our website and be credited to you. If they sign up anytime in future , you would get full credit when they order any of our shared hosting packages. 
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Parashosting Partnership Credits
One Year Subscription
Cost to Client
You Earn per sale
Magic Hosting
Rs. 2500
Rs. 750
Gold Hosting
Rs. 4500
Rs. 1350
Diamond Hosting
Rs. 6500
Rs. 1950

You will get paid exect 30% amount based on the shared hosting price.That's a huge profit for just being our partner without any cost.


Top 10 FAQs
1. Who can join the Partner Program ?
Anybody can join our Partner program. It is absolutely free to join.
2. How do I refer customers to you?

Parashosting will provides a unique Partner ID in the form of URL to each partner. Your clients will need to click on this URL before they signup with us. Our partner software will then know if the clients is referred by you and will automatically give you credit for signup.

3. How much money will I make per referral?
We pay you the 30% amount of the total fees paid by the referred customer.
4. How much can I earn, is there a limit?
There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn and you can earn unlimited money by our partner program.
5. Is the Paras Hosting Partner Program open to people from all countries?
Yes, It is available worldwide.
6. How are the sales tracked referred by me?
Sales are tracked using cookies that expire after 3 months. So even if your referrals purchase our package within 90 days,you will still be credited with the 30% amount! But remember our cookies do not collect personal data regarding the clients you refer.
7. Can I buy hosting using my own affiliate link to get commissions ?
No, Affiliates can not buy hosting on their own referral link.
8. How can I track the sales of my affiliate account?
You can view the details of clicks and sales made by your referrals by Login to your partner account.
9. How do I get paid?
We pay our partners each month if your earnings are US$100 or over. If under the minimum US$100 amount, we will roll over your earnings to the following month. Payment can be made in following ways : PayPal/ Bank Cheque/ Demand Draft/ Credit to your Paras Hosting account.
10. Do I need to be a Paras Hosting customer to join the Partner Program?
No, our program is open to anyone interested in making money from their website.
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